The history of Bern Airport

The airport bistro

Based at Bern Airport, which was established in 1929, Charly Bistro by Bijoux Catering is ideally located for customers who want to savour a gourmet meal and try local specialities. This airport boasts an exceptional view and a wonderful location, just 10 kilometres from the historic centre of the capital.

Founded in 1929 by the airline ALPAR, Bern Airport has a long history, as the Swiss capital has enjoyed a close relationship with the aviation sector since 1910, when the first Swiss air show was held. The airport is a powerful driving force for the growth of the regional economy and tourism sector. It welcomes public, private and federal travellers in a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere and offers a range of services and facilities for the comfort and well-being of every passenger, including VIP lounges, nearby ski resorts, luxury hotels in the vicinity and much more… 

Bern Airport

Bern Airport offers a real change of scenery in a stunning natural setting, with wonderful views of the Alps and snow-capped mountains. What’s more, the airport is committed to protecting biodiversity by creating landscaped areas which are home to protected species. It is therefore an ideal spot for walks and is popular with friends and families as they enjoy a day out at the weekend.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience at the Charly Bistro restaurant at Bern Airport in Switzerland’s capital.